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If you have bats living in your home or business you have come to the right place.  When bats take up residence it creates serious health hazards.  We are Houston’s number one start to finish bat removal experts.   Biologist owned and operated, fully licensed and insured for operations and Bat Removal in Houston Texas.

24 hr Emergency Removal Service

If you find a bat flying around in your home or office keep an eye on it and call us right away at  832.217.9470.  We will come right out and capture your panic causing critter. 

We Specialize in Residential and Commercial humane bat removal and complete guano decontamination.  We color match any color and guarantee all of our work for 5 years.  Our sealing will also greatly decrease the amount of insects that enter your home.  Let us quickly and completely solve your problem and give you back piece of mind

Our clients include MD Anderson, St. Germain Lofts, Paul Yeattes Ent., PM Realty, Reliant Center, Circuit City, ULTA, The Crossing at White Oak, countless churches and your neighbors.  No other company guarantees their work for more than one year.  Our work is guaranteed for 5 years because we use the best product available and color match it to your building. 

All commercial inspections are free and upon approval we can be setup with our boomlifts or swingstages in as little as 24 hours.  We have a long list of commercial references who are more than happy to talk to you.  Bat removal is what we do.

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24 hr Emergency Removal  832.248.7804                         Schedule Bat Inspection 832.217.9470

Email: DRLongWildlifePro@gmail.com